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Wednesday 19th September: Only just noticed this one, from NY Times "Just an Average Bag Handler/Blogger/Hero From Scotland" Sunday 16th September: Nice one - John and crew have won the Sunday Mail's Great Scot 2007 bravery award Friday 14th September: Smeato's NY pics are here in Flickr CNN Heroes Video - well worth a watch Thursday 13th September: The Geraldo appearance, in all its glory. Enjoy. Wednesday 12th September: CNN Heroes article
Article about John's feelings on 9/11. Full text Monday 10th September: NY Post article P9120005Sun article Saturday 8th September: Latest news from Sky on John heading to the USA Saturday 4th August: Smeato Speaks(right click, Save As) on the Radio 4 Today Programme - possibly the only ever use of the expression "a fly ciggie" on Radio 4. Video from the trip to Downing Street, select the link "Glasgow Airport Hero Meets PM". Let me know if you have the full vid that was shown on BBC news and I'll link it up. Firday 3rd August: Daily Record, Downing Street press release, Scotsman Sunday Post article about John's visit to the Erskine care home. "I'm just bog standard, run-of-the-mill John": Great Scotsman article on the return to the airport, and The Times, and The Herald, and the Daily Record The Smeato returns to work vid - from Reporting Scotland Article from The Midlothian Advertiser Monday 30th - sister paper of the Paisley Extra? Featuring the classic quote: "I'm just bog standard run-of-the-mill John" Scotsman article Monday 30th Come Ahead, the Smeato song by Mick Merch is now available for download! Right click and Save As. Also from the same artist is another song, Pride Smeato on Radio 5 Live on Wednesday - fast forward to 2 hours 18 minutes in. Daily Record article Wednesday 25th July - Smeato to get New Year Honour. Article in Friday's 'Soaraway' about handing the "Give John A Gong" Petition to Number 10 Downing Street P7200161 P7200162 All this time, we never knew. There is already a Smeaton Street in Glasgow, Ruchill to be precise. Daily Record article about Erskine contribution, and similar BBC News S(meato)TV Interview on Scotland Today Tuesday 18th July Smeato Secondary Strike - newsagent uses The Smeatonator as his inspiration to fend off undesirable Smeato on the BBC World Service - fast forward to 26 minutes in Smeato referenced in Telegraph article about resilience Wednesday 18th Times Article about the after-effects of the events on Smeats. IT'S HERE - The Smeato Song And Vid Song by Mick Merch, vid by Swinestein Time magazine article ABC News - hmmm, something not quite right about this story - launched his own website? ABC should perhaps egress the story... The Sun - discusses the aftermath of 30/6 Older: God Bless Smeaton - By Madd Dogg MacAskill, courtesy of the Daily Record Movie Trailer Tha Rap Vid Braveheart - makes you feel all warm inside The Scottish Justice Minister Breaks His Silence on Smeatomania Corrected link: Petition for the Smeatonator to be awarded for his bravery - sign ye! Some great Smeato film posters and Desktops The Best Photoshops - Jedi Smeato, Superman, and more Article in Thursday's Sun, with Give John a Gong Petition link. And the Daily Record also. The Six O'Clock Smeaton - Get In There! Fast-forward to 27 minutes in. Look at that wry smile on 'Eck Salmond's face - he knows the score. The Telegraph Want to see Smeato all day long? Smeato Wallpapers We'll Set Aboot Ye!
Motiono by kublacan - Upload videos
Motiono by kublacan - Upload videos
BBC News Smeatonheart pic John urban myths - or are they? John's Facebook Appreciation Group Bebo Group Wikipedia page The Great Smeato Escape John Grants an Audience to the Evening Times Smeato dance track? B3ta car park renaming page Smeato as Shaft (courtesy of Smartalex) T-shirt design #1 (courtesy of Smartalex) More John vids, #1 More John vids, #2 courtesy of kublacan T-shirt design #2 John in seeing his boss this morning? courtesy of Deafie More John imagery courtesy of cybers


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