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John Smeaton - Hero For Our Time · Purchase Cipro Lowest Prices on Internet
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Purchase Cipro, UPDATE 22 / Friday 31st October 2008 3.30pm
.."STILL KICKING. ..STILL FIGHTING. ., comprar en línea Cipro, comprar Cipro baratos. STILL SMEATO!!!"

We called Smeato today and this is what he had to say, Purchase Cipro.
Clearly tired and his voice hoarse. He has  been able to walk round the ward
..And he had some more great news.

Smeato: "Hello there."

Ed: How are you feeling Smeato. Order Cipro from mexican pharmacy, You have no idea just how good it is to hear your voice...You have beaten this. Purchase Cipro, Congratulations. ..you are a true fighter.

Smeato:" It's been a bit of a whirlwind!"

Ed: "Do you have a message for your fans who have being praying for you to pull through..from all over Scotland..and the whole World?"
Smeato: "Thank you all for all your support.
...Y'know I'm just so glad to be here still..still kicking!..still fighting!...
..., Cipro description. still Smeato!, Purchase Cipro.
And I just want to say...God Bless the NHS.
The Doctors say I should be out of here next week some time..
Then I've got a long period of recovery ahead of me."

Ed: "Smeato what's the first thing you want to do as soon as you are well enough?"

Smeato: "I want to go and see a Rangers match!"

UPDATE 21 / Monday 27th October 08:00pm - SMEATO OUT Of INTENSIVE CARE!!!

John is tonight in a regular ward for the first time after being transferred from The Intensive Care Unit where he has been for over 2 weeks. Taking Cipro, This is the great news his family and friends have been waiting to hear.

UPDATE 20 / Sunday 26th October 10.45pm - SMEATO SPEAKS!!! Purchase Cipro, YES!. Smeato fans everywhere!!..the man himself today spoke his first words since coming out of his 13 day coma..

"I WANT TO GO HOME!!" He said to his Father.
Great words indeed. Music to his family's and our ears, Cipro long term.
I hear that Smeato then cracked his famous Smeato smile, Purchase Cipro.
Let's all hope it won't be too long before his being back home with the SMEATONS is a reality.

At www.johnsmeaton.com, we can now  report that Smeato today had his first solid food.. Cipro online cod, after 17 days of being fed through a tube...a slice of toast..and a cup of tea!!. (The whisky will have tp wait!)

CONGRATULATIONS!. Purchase Cipro, SMEATO from all your family and friends and I know. - speak on behalf of the thousands of wellwishers around the world who have contacted your family..and the SUN newspaper..and of course this site..( Just a tiny selection from the thousands of 'get well Smeato'  messages that we have received..we have posted up).

SMEATO SPEAKS!!  Great news!!.

And finally of course we must say a HUGE and very special Thank You to all the wonderful team of Nurses and Doctors and Consultants at The Intensive Care Unit of The Royal Alexandra Hospital who have given world class NHS care to  SMEATO and literally kept him alive..they truly saved his life, buy Cipro without a prescription.

UPDATE 19 / Saturday 25th Oct 10.58pm

Another really good day today. Nurses and Doctors are very pleased with Smeato's progress, and so are the Smeatons of course, Purchase Cipro. Nobody could wish for a better family at this time. They have been at the hospital everyday for 2 straight weeks now, Buy Cipro no prescription, as has Smeatos fiancee Christy, and her Mom who also flew in from NY to be with the Smeatons at this very tough time.

I have to say, if this last 16 months had been a reality TV show... ('Meet the Smeats', japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Purchase Cipro, 'At Home With The Smeatons'?) Nobody would have believed it. What great highs and recent awful lows. It couldn't have been a movie... Even a Hollywood writer just couldn't have dreamt this story up. Australia, uk, us, usa, Of course none of us would have wished the last 2 weeks that Smeato and his family have been through on anybody.

But the word today is that things are looking much better than they have been for a while, Purchase Cipro. One day at a time Smeato's fighting and winning this. His toughest ever fight.

We're the Worriors...  Our man Smeato's a warrior. The word on the streets of Glasgow and all over Scotland today is..., Cipro steet value. Purchase Cipro, Smeato's on his way back.

UPDATE 18 / Friday 24th October 2008 11:00pm

More good news today..has been Another good day for SMEATO..

And the news from Dad Iain is he still improving bit by bit..but" definitely a good day.". The Smeaton family and fiancee Christy (who has been at John's bedside for 2 weeks since flying over from NY as soon as she got the news..) are  optimistic. Buy Cipro online no prescription, .but remember it's been a rollercoaster ride some days...of   2 steps forward..one back...

Smeato's had a few good days now in succession..and we all hope that he will be able to move from Intensive care ., Purchase Cipro. not so long from now... (He has been in ICU.. for over 2 weeks now.).to the next level down....The High Dependency Unit.

UPDATE 17 / Thursday 23rd October 2008  05:10pm

Another good day for the Smeatonator, Cipro price. Purchase Cipro, Dad Iain's voice down the phone this evening said it all... Immediately could tell that .Smeato has had a good day...

"He's communicating well..of course still cannot talk what with all the tubes..but he definitely had a good day today." He siad speaking from the ante room in the Intensive Care ward of the Royal Alexandra where 2 weeks ago to the day John was rushed by ambulance.

-I said 13 days without a single word from the Big Man ( whose is well  known to have a few  opinions).... Purchase Cipro for sale, must have been a world record for the Smeato!...".oh definitely.. ...he laughed..".you're right about that !" -he said, Purchase Cipro.

As a new message today on the site says..".the World's in crisis man. ..hurry up and get yourself better Smeato!..cos we need you to sort things out!"

UPDATE 16 / Wednesday 22nd October 2008 01:00pm - We spoke just now to Iain (Smeato's Dad)...here is what he said:

"We are delighted with John's progress.. but we're still not out of the woods yet... still got a long way to go ., Cipro mg. Purchase Cipro, but he is conscious now. Which is wonderful.. Off the ventilator...and trying to talk!. ..but he's still got lots of tubes in...so it's not possible. ( 'Keeping Smeato quiet after 13 days of silence must be. difficult!!' Says Editor).but he is doing great, Purchase Cipro. Iain continued... "But still in intensive care and we just hope his progress continues.. but  we are definitely feeling positive."

UPDATE 15 / Wednesday 22nd October 2008 11:00am - Smeato has regained consciousness. At last great news for Smeato friends and fans everywhere... Purchase Cipro, John opened his eyes and immediately recognised his family and Christy at his bedside... He is on the road to recovery, although still attached to a ventilator and in intensive care.

UPDATE 14 / Monday 20th October 2008 08:00pm - The Smeatonator had a good rest last night and is stable today. Come on Smeato. You can do it. All of Scotland's behind you. Keep making th.

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65 Responses to “Purchase Cipro”

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  1. 51
    Carolyn Says:

    John, we have come to know you through an act of heroism – a response we know you did not seek. I saw you on TV that night and thought “… only in Glasgow! ….” I had no idea how it might translate abroad, but everyone took you to their heart – as well they might! We are so proud of you, and of the other brave men who tackled those twisted, deluded a*seholes that day. You truly are all heroes. God bless you. I look forward very much to hearing of your recovery; until then you and your family are most certainly in my prayers. As I said, you make us proud. Get well soon John x.

  2. 52
    George and Priscilla Campbell Says:

    Hello John—

    We’re all rooting for you here in New York. As they say in Scotland, “Root and toot and you’ll soon be oot” of the hospital.

    All our best to you and Christy and your family from everyone at the New York Caledonian Club. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. 53
    Andy Blower Says:

    Come on Smeato, Your our hero

  4. 54
    FOLK fae Barony Says:





  5. 55


  6. 56
    Mike D Says:

    Hope things get better quickly now that your awake. No-one has been able to sort out the mess of the world while you were in hospital so roll those sleeves back – you got work to do!
    Get well soon

  7. 57
    John Hammond Says:

    Brilliant news shining like a beacon through all the current doom and gloom. I hope the recovery is rapid and complete – people like John Smeaton are such positive examples og the good side of humanity.

  8. 58
    Freda Says:

    This is such encouraging news. Long may it continue and best wishes to John and his family and friends. We already knew this but it just confirms what incredible strength of character John possesses.

    Many thanks to the Ed for the regular updates.

  9. 59
    Sally and Jack Says:

    John Dear
    We last met over lunch with our son Peter and it was our great pleasure to get to know you. We wish you a speedy recovery. With every good wish to you and your family.
    God Bless.
    Sally and Jack Rose.

  10. 60
    Steve O'Connor Says:

    Hi John, Christy and families,
    I had the pleasure of meeting you and Christy in New York, we had a few beer’s and I remember the time we spent together was good, I was over there performing as part of Tartan week, anyway I’ve
    just heard from NYC about your situation, I know, as does the rest of the world you are a fighter
    and Hero of the people, well! now the people are rooting for you!!! I’m no exception, my thoughts
    and prayers are with you, Christy, and your families, so come on Big fella, get well very soon
    because as we both said in NYC, we shall meet again, and one day I’ll sing Hail Caledonia just for you and your folk.
    good luck, Mate
    Steve O’Connor (Liverpool)

  11. 61
    I Preffer To Remain Annonymous Says:

    John, God Bless You Son.

    You have made your family, your Country and indeed the whole world proud, that in this day in age, somebody is courageous and brave enough to stand up for them self and their country.

    I wish you a speedy recovery and assure you you are are in fantastic care in the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

    God Bless You

  12. 62
    Dina Deana Says:

    This is great news!! I am one of Christy’s mom’s group of “church ladies” and we have been praying since we heard the news! Thank you for the updates on the site!!! Send our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  13. 63
    Carolyn + Neil Says:


    Get well soon! We want to take you for a few pints, sorry for the lateness I just found out you saved the day – no joke! I don’t watch the news but did hear about the terrorist attack at the time!

    Take Care

    Carolyn + Neil :)

  14. 64
    alan Says:

    Keep battling John- Scotland needs you and Rangers need your support!!!

    A true Scottish Legend – you’ve beaten bigger than this!!!

    Good luck for a full recovery remember Scotland needs a Centre Forward now that Boydy has chucked it!!!

  15. 65
    Dawn Parry Says:

    Hey bud i hope you feel well soon, i have asthma too i think people forget how dangerous it is because it is soo wide spread you hang in there!!!I think with the trials starting you maybe have been a bit stressed, yeah, thats what sets mine off, take it easy big guy. When your better get out of the country chill out…….

    Lots of love Dawn and Alexander

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